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Asking “Why?” Will Close More Sales

By: Joyce Hayne

Many salespeople fail to ask the most productive question of all – Why? This question will uncover the buyer’s motives and once you know that, it’s a lot easier to make the sale.

Asking “Why” will identify the problem the prospect is trying to solve, whether that’s reducing costs, improving efficiency or increasing productivity. At times your customers aren’t even sure of their exact motives, so you can help them understand the reasons they should buy from you. Following are some examples of these high yield probing questions:

Why do you have interest in this product/service?

Why is that important to you?

Why did you agree to see me?

Why would you make this kind of investment?

Why does this service appeal to you?

Another great benefit of knowing your client’s buying motive is that he’s less likely to object to your price and you’ll have ammunition to overcome other objections that may come up. This additional information will help you close more sales faster and with higher profitability.