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Building Client Rapport

By: Joyce Hayne

What can a salesperson do to improve their success when dealing with prospects? The following ideas will help you build a strong relationship with your customers:

Diagnose Problems – Not all prospects know they have a problem when they first talk with you. Your job is to help them uncover issues in their organization that you can resolve.

Present New Ideas – Show prospects specific ways that you can save them money or increase productivity. Perhaps you can streamline a long process or save energy costs with more efficient machinery. The more unique the solution, the more interested your prospect will become.

Collaborate – Work with your customers to pursue a mutually beneficial goal. Be responsive to their concerns and work with their team members.

Be Confident – You need to portray confidence in your company’s ability to achieve what you have promised. Your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Actively Listen – Listen carefully to everything your client is telling you. Don’t be thinking about what you’ll say just as soon as they stop talking. Take notes if that helps you concentrate on what they’re saying.  An attentive listener makes the speaker feel important.

Connect with the Person – Don’t just try to find out what the company needs, look at the needs of the individual you’re selling to. Is it important for him to look good to his superiors? Is he averse to risk? Build a relationship with your customer through mutual trust.

Minimize Risk – Use testimonials from existing customers to help alleviate any fears about things that could potentially go wrong. Reassure your prospect that you’re there to deal with anything that might go awry.

No Surprises – Be sure to communicate everything related to the sale so that there are no surprises once the deal is signed. Be sure you talk about invoicing procedures, delivery costs, and schedules, warranties, and after-sale service.

Provide Superior Value – Price is only one aspect of value. Service and quality are the other two variables in a purchasing decision, so be sure that those are impeccable.