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Case Studies & Testimonials

By: Joyce Hayne

In order to prove that your company can provide a specific solution to a problem that your prospect has encountered, write case studies highlighting the tangible outcome that you have created for a client. Case studies showcase what someone can expect when they do business with you.

Start with the customer’s name or the industry they are in, if you can’t disclose the company name. Provide a short description of the challenge your customer was having, then detail the solutions you provided, and end with the measurable results that you accomplished for that client. Round it off with a testimonial from the buyer.

Another form of social proof is testimonials and they should also identify a problem and describe how you provided a solution. They need to be current, so don’t give someone a testimonial from a client who is no longer doing business with you. Be sure it’s compelling with a very clear benefit showing dollar amounts whenever possible.

The testimonial also needs to be credible to your buyer. The source should be from a similar type of business as your prospect and the person’s title should be included as well as their company name. For example, if you’re selling to a hotel, give a testimonial from the general manager at another hotel stating how much money you saved them over a year.

Testimonials can take the form of a full letter on letterhead, which is great to include in a sales package, a paragraph that you can put on your marketing materials,or a short and snappy sentence that can be put on your website or in the footer of a proposal or email. Avoid putting testimonials on a separate page on your website and instead place them on all pages of your website in a way that they stand out when someone visits your site.

Social proof is an important factor in overcoming a prospect’s reluctance to buy from a new supplier, so use it as much as possible to help reassure your prospects that they are making a good decision to do business with you.