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Components of a Successful Ad

By: Joyce Hayne
  • Attention Grabber – Your ad has to grab the reader’s attention. This can be done with a strong graphic or an interesting headline. The more creative you can be to hook the reader, the more likely it is that your ad will be read.
  • Ad Copy – The KISS principle is critical when writing ad copy. You only want to inform readers of a few key benefits. Provide just enough information to tease readers and leave them wanting more information. An ad should not include all the information you would put in a brochure or on your website.
  • Call to Action – Your ad needs to inspire people to do something, whether they visit a specific page on your website or call to take advantage of a specific offer.
  • Contact Information – Give readers the information they need to contact you. Your address is typically not necessary unless you have a showroom. Your logo, although important to you and necessary for branding, is not valuable to your readers so it shouldn’t be too large or at the top of your ad where your attention grabber should be.