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Direct Mail Tactics

By: Joyce Hayne

Are you inundated with email? How do you think your prospects feel? Although batch email campaigns are very popular these days, low open rates show that there is still a time and place for direct mail.

With a more challenging economy, marketers must develop an integrated campaign comprising of email, direct mail, trade shows, advertising, and sales promotions. Utilizing only one of these strategies will greatly limit your success.

Using direct mail marketing, you can lure new prospects out of the woodwork or promote loyalty from existing clients with direct mail marketing.

First, you need to segment your prospects based on their buying stage. If they are unaware of your company, then your direct mail piece should be designed to educate them on your products or services. If they are already familiar with you, then you can build credibility with case studies or testimonials. Loyal clients would benefit from receiving industry data that positions your company as an expert in your field.

Be creative when exploring options for your direct mail piece. To attract the attention of new prospects you may want a three-dimensional mailer. Personalizing these pieces will further improve the chances of people opening the mailer to see your offer.

Don’t just direct interested prospects to your home page. Each campaign should lead prospects to a unique landing page on your website, which has been designed for the specific needs of these prospects. This page should educate prospects and entice them to engage in Live Chat on your website or contact a rep for more information.

You can get names from a list provider or insert your piece in a publication targeted to the market you’re trying to develop. This option gives you the added credibility of the magazine as well. If you’re buying a list, be sure you clearly identify the industry, size of company, and geographic territory you want to reach.

Stagger your campaigns throughout the year, so that your sales team has time to follow-up with prospects that have received the direct mailer. If you send them all out at once, your reps will never have time to call everyone. You won’t get different results from doing the same things over and over again, so try a few direct mail campaigns, and don’t forget to measure the results from each campaign.