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E-mail Marketing Best Practices

By: Joyce Hayne

Batch email campaigns are an easy and inexpensive way to keep in contact with prospects and clients. However, the success of your campaigns depends on a number of factors. With an ineffective subject line or spam words included in your email you won’t be happy with the results. Use the following tips when creating your email:

  • Subject Line – The most effective subject lines are 25-29 characters. Research has revealed that including the following words will increase your open rates: thank you, important and invitation. Subject lines framed as questions also perform well.
  • Opening Paragraph – Keep in mind that many emails are now read on smart phones or tablets and you want your most important information to appear on the first screen. A compelling offer at the beginning of your email will encourage people to read on.
  • Avoid Spam Words – Certain words will trigger spam filters and move your email to a junk folder or disallow it altogether. Avoid using the word “free” or large numbers like $1,500,000 to ensure deliverability. Most email service providers (such as Constant Contact) give you an opportunity to test your email for spam.
  • Comply with Legislation – It’s important that your emails are only sent to people who have agreed to receive emails from you. You are required to include an unsubscribe button and are obligated to take those names off future distribution lists. You also need to include your physical address.

This is just a starting point for your email marketing, but if you follow these recommendations you’ll improve results from your email campaign.