The Quarterly Pour Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar


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Published: February 19, 2021
  • What is the Impact of all the Temporary Measures? – These regulations have created opportunities and threats to both LPs and LRSs.
  • Extending the Patio Season – How can you maximize your patio space to expand your seating area in every season?
  • Maximizing Profitability for Pubs & Bars – How can you increase your value proposition to guests through staffing and menu composition?
  • Liquor Retail Trends and Customer Insights – What influences are affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions and how they are shopping?


Reserve by: April 2, 2021
Published: May 4, 2021
  • How can Pubs Afford to Pay for Delivery Service? – Review ways to reduce delivery fees and build these extra costs into your pricing model.
  • How is the Industry Inspiring Consumer Confidence? – What can pubs do to reduce the perceived high risk of going out to a pub?
  • Social Media Campaigns – Reach beyond your traditional boundaries with a strong social media campaign to drive new business.
  • Supporting Staff – How can employers create a supportive environment and provide flexibility to employees?

FALL 2021

Reserve by: June 25, 2021
Published: August 6, 2021
  • Leveraging Email Marketing – Explore options to promote your service offerings for customer acquisition and retention.
  • How is the Consolidation of Suppliers Affecting Buyers?  – With fewer companies to purchase products from, is a store’s purchasing power increasing or decreasing?
  • Compensation and Retention Strategies – How can you compensate staff and share gratuities to ensure they stay with you and become loyal employees?
  • The Legal Risks and Realities of COVID – The hospitality industry needs to be aware of the unforeseen risks related to enforcing PHO guidelines.


Reserve by: October 1, 2021
Published: November 12, 2021
  • Games & Fun Activities – What types of activities can pubs conduct while ensuring social distancing and compliance with safety measures?
  • Designing a Space that is Intimate Yet Safe – How can you design your pub to maximize the number of patrons you can serve and create an inviting atmosphere?
  • How Are Companies Re-inventing Themselves – Producers are diversifying their product mix providing stores with innovative offerings.
  • Employment Law – Be aware of your rights to employees regarding layoffs, terminations, and unionization.


  • Featured Establishment – One ABLE BC member and his/her pub or liquor store will be profiled.
  • ABLE BC Industy Update - Find out what ABLE BC has been doing to advocate for the industy.
  • Liquor Distribution Branch Update – The Branch responds to current issues concerning the industry.
  • The Spotlight – Each issue we feature a specific type of liquor, showcasing its history and attributes.
  • Beer Notes – A different aspect of the beer industry will be highlighted in each issue.
  • BC Liquor Industry Trends – See trends for sales of beer, spirits, wine, and refreshment beverages in BC.
  • Wine Report – Learn something new about the wine industry each quarter.
  • ABLE BC Membership Report– The association highlights programs exclusively available to members.
  • BCHF Update – See how the hospitality industry’s charity has provided support to people in the industry.
  • Names in the News – Who won awards? Who’s been fundraising? Please send us updates on awards your company has won or contributions you have made to your community.
  • What’s Coming? – Be sure to send us information on any new products or services your company is offering.