Featured Budtender- Madiy Jacobson, Lake City Cannabis

By: Tether

Passion is at the heart of the cannabis industry.

Passion for cannabis and passion for canna-consumers is what sets great budtenders apart. Living your passion enriches all areas of work and life.

Lake City Cannabis is an independent cannabis retailer based in Chestermere and Lincoln Park in Alberta. Self-described “Official Sponsor of a Better Attitude”, Lake City Cannabis believes their customers should feel relaxed and welcome, with a customer-focused first attitude. To ensure they can present valued customers with a curated experience, their staff painstakingly sample and review every product carried in-store.

Humble Beginning

Truthfully, I joined the industry because I liked to smoke cannabis, but over time it developed into a deep love and passion for cannabis, and the industry that surrounds it,” says Madiy Jacobson, a budtender at Lake City Cannabis.

Job Highs

For Jacobson, it’s all about the customers! “I love being able to get to know my customers and their personal preferences so we can get excited about products, and they are always excited to see what I’m going to recommend next,” she says. For her it’s really fulfilling when consumers come back with feedback and they’re both excited about the next visit.

Improving the Customer Experience

Taking the time to really understand what the customer is looking for is her first priority. “Ask about their preferences, the qualities they are looking for, and what they are trying to accomplish,” she advises. “They will appreciate that you are taking the time to find the perfect fit for them.” Finding the right product for a customer is a two-way street.

Career Goals

Jacobson is all in on cannabis, and keeping the doors open: “I’m in love with this industry and so excited to see where it’s going to go. I would love to stay in cannabis, but I haven’t chosen any specific avenue yet. This is a space that has so much room to grow and evolve and I’m ready to buckle up for the ride, wherever it’s going to take me!”

Forever Canna-Curious

I am just all around very passionate about cannabis and I really love experimenting with it, in whatever form it is,” she explains. “Whether it’s mixing complementary terpene profiles, or figuring out what heat burns certain concentrates best, it’s all interesting to see how different extractions and procedures can alter the effects. I just want to learn everything I possibly can about the cannabis plant and its biology, and maybe even give growing a try!” We need more people like Jacobson in the cannabis industry.