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How Can You Use Content Marketing?

By: Joyce Hayne

Content marketing is an important way to promote your business, but how do you decide what to write and where to find interesting information to publish? I struggle with that each month I put out this newsletter.

When you’re developing content, think about seasonal trends. Do they apply to your business? If you manufacture a spirit, you can post recipes for cocktails that correspond with special occasions or seasons.

Another way to generate content is to ask your customers what questions they would like answered about your industry or your products. By providing the answers online, you position yourself as an expert. You can also approach industry publications about publishing your article on their websites. Be sure the article links back to your website since this will help your site’s ranking.

Obtain relevant information from other industry experts. Develop a list of key questions to ask and you’ll have a great starting point for an interesting article.

Industry forums on LinkedIn and other sites can also show you topics that are trending.

Keep your content fresh by updating it on a regular basis. Industry research is also great information to publish. Create infographics of trends, show videos for product demonstrations, write case studies, and publish customer testimonials.

The more reasons people have to keep coming back to your website, the more results you’ll see from your content marketing.