International Travel Intentions

By: Ipsos MORI & Tripadvisor

Traveller sentiment data—gathered by Tripadvisor in partnership with Ipsos MORI from more than 10,000 adults aged 18-75 in five countries—shows that the majority of respondents are planning to get out to see the big wide world next year—whether within their own country, or overseas.

Across the five markets surveyed (Singapore, UK, Australia, US and Japan), the majority of respondents said they were either very likely or fairly likely to travel for leisure, to travel to visit friends or family, or to travel for business purposes in 2022. And, in what is further great news for the tourism industry, results showed that intent to travel in all five markets surveyed was higher than the travel respondents reported to have actually taken in 2019.

Respondents in Singapore were the most likely to say they will travel in 2022 at 89%, followed by respondents in the UK at 85%. Australia and the United States fell in the middle of the five markets surveyed, with 79% and 78%, respectively, saying that they are likely to travel for those reasons in 2022.

Japanese respondents were the least likely to say they will travel in 2022, with 58% saying that they are likely to do so—still a healthy proportion of people despite being the lowest of the five markets surveyed.

See detailed survey responses in the full report.