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Promotional Items

By: Joyce Hayne

A huge variety of promotional items is available, but selecting one that will be effective for you and your business isn’t as easy as picking an item from a catalogue. You want to ensure it’s compatible with your brand’s image. If you’re a lawyer, a shooter glass may not be effective, but for a distiller it’s perfect.

How many pens have you received at trade shows? Many companies find this an inexpensive giveaway, but when pens sit in a desk, they’re not doing you any good. Be more creative with your selections.

The more unique your item can be, the more beneficial it will be. When thumb drives first came out, I received one as a giveaway and was thrilled, but I now have 6 in my desk.

Think about where you’ll be giving away your items. If it’s at a snowboard event, consider winter items like knit caps, scarves or hand warmers. If it’s at a golf tournament, sunglasses, lip balm or sunblock are good choices. Remember that branded golf balls are often lost in water and the rough, so this expensive giveaway has a very short life span.

The size of your logo is an important consideration, particularly on clothing. If it’s too large, people may not wear it, whereas a logo on the sleeve of a golf shirt is visible enough but not too overpowering.

Get more bang from your buck by looking for complementary partners that can share the cost of your co-branded item. With the additional budget you can purchase more exclusive items.

One final note: don’t over-purchase items for specific events, since it’s better to run out of a product than have hundreds of leftover items that will go to waste.