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Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

By: Joyce Hayne

Buyers need to hear your message many times before they decide to buy. We all may get annoyed by Spence Diamond or Sleep Country ads, but there’s no doubt that those are the first companies that come to mind when we’re thinking of buying a diamond or mattress.

Generating Frequency

Buyers need to listen to your message nine times, via various media, before they will buy. And they need to see your message three times before it registers that they’ve seen it. So what happens if you advertise or send out your message once? Very little. However, if you have an integrated marketing campaign, and send out a similar message across multiple media, you’ll start seeing results.

Building Credibility

Each time prospects see your message you are building credibility and trust in your company. You are moving them along the road to making a purchase every time you communicate with them.


Along with frequency, consistency is important. Keep the message similar by using the same logo, fonts and colours so that people will recognize that it’s a message from your company.

Keep it Interesting

Even though you want to keep a familiar design in each of your marketing messages, be sure to have some fun and add some unique things as well. That could be a funny line or photo in a newsletter, or a visual element in an ad.
Repeating the same message each time you communicate with prospects and customers will build a strong and successful marketing campaign.