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Wowing Customers

By: Joyce Hayne

How can you make your customers feel like they’re the most important people in the world? The old adage “Exceed their Expectations” is important, but it assumes you already know what they expect. Even then, you may be only meeting their expectations, not exceeding them.

Wowing customers involves doing the unexpected. Perhaps that’s sending a Starbucks card or cinnamon hearts for Valentine’s Day. Send them articles that relate to their business or a white paper discussing trends in their industry. Invite them to an industry trade show or conference.

A call to let a client know about a potential new customer would be an excellent unexpected surprise. Clip out information from newspapers and magazines on companies you think would be interested in their products and mail it to them. Send details on prospects to your customers in a personal email.

Do you know your clients’ birthdays, anniversaries and other special days? Email, or better still, mail a card congratulating them.

Thank your client at every opportunity possible. Send a personalized card thanking them for their business after the sale has closed. Follow-up by phone after equipment has been installed to check that everything is working perfectly. If something has gone awry, you have an opportunity to fix it immediately.

Wowing your clients won’t just foster loyalty, it’s one more way to make your company stand apart from your competition.