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Building Momentum in Marketing

By: Joyce Hayne

Q – What is the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an unsuccessful one?

A – Momentum.

Imagine a car climbing a hill. What happens when you take your foot off the gas? The car slows down, stops, and then starts rolling backwards.

The same principal occurs in marketing. When you stop marketing, prospects and clients stop thinking about you and turn to competitors who are more visible. The momentum you built in the market erodes and after a few months all your hard work and money invested in marketing fades away.

With all of the clutter in the marketplace, you need to stay front and centre to be remembered. You no doubt know Christine Magee at Sleep Country because you always hear her voice on the radio and see her ads in the paper. So when you’re ready to buy a new mattress or pillow, her store comes to mind first, and you feel confident that you’ll get a good deal.

Being ubiquitous takes planning, so consider what you can do in the following areas:

Advertising – Ad campaigns show prospects and clients that you are a key supplier with a product or service related to their industry that can help them.

Social Media – Schedule regular posts to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Share product photos on Instagram and Pinterest. Post vines or short videos as well.

Content Marketing – Write a blog, post white papers and articles on your website, or send out newsletters. Ensure your content is original and relevant to your target market. Generate new content on an ongoing basis.

Public Relations – When you are introducing new products or services, send press releases out to relevant media.

In order to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, keep building your marketing momentum to move your company forward and deliver a positive ROI on your marketing investment.