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Building Your Brand

By: Joyce Hayne

An integrated marketing plan can be likened to a nice, juicy pie. All of your marketing endeavours are part of that pie, and it’s critical that each piece tastes the same, looks the same, and provides the same experience with every bite. In other words, your website, ads, enewsletters, and brochures all need to have the same look and feel so that each piece builds your brand in the marketplace. The more consistency you have in everything your customers see, the faster you will build brand loyalty since people will know what your brand will deliver.

The tone of your marketing materials needs to be consistent with your brand as well. If you’re a fun brand like Old Spice, you can be more cheeky, but if you’re a somber brand like Crest you need to be more professional. This brand personality builds an emotional connection with your customers. Think about the total experience that you are creating to motivate your clients to buy or continue buying from you.

Be sure that the brand you have created is also being delivered by your team. If you have built up an image of a fun brand and they hear a snarky receptionist when they call, or connect with a sales rep having a bad day, all your work in developing the brand has been wasted. If any one of these elements is not consistent with your brand, you risk losing customers. On the other hand, if everything is working together in harmony, you have winning formula.