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Magazine Ads Continue to Engage and Motivate Customers

By: Starch Press Release, April 24, 2014

GfK’s Starch Syndicated Research analyzed consumer engagement with over half a million print magazine ads, “recording remarkably consistent and high levels of recall and actions taken.”

Starch data for the first months of 2014 shows:

  • When asked about a specific print magazine ad, 52% of magazine readers surveyed recalled seeing (or “Noted”) that ad, on average – essentially the same level as in 2010 (53%).
  • Of those who have “Noted” an ad in 2014, 62% took some action as a result; this means that, on average, 35% of magazine readers have taken action on a print magazine ad this year, slightly higher than 2010 of  60% recall and action taken ( 33% of magazine readers, as a whole, were taking action on magazine ads).

Actions measured by Starch include:

  • buying or recommending the product or service,
  • visiting the advertiser’s website,
  • joining the advertiser’s social network, and
  • using a QR code in the ad.

“The Starch data shows that magazine ads have lost little or none of their power to motivate consumers,” says Dr. Michal Galin, EVP of GfK’s Starch Advertising Research. “Each of the actions we measure represents a high level of engagement; and, when it comes to joining a social network or the use of a QR code, print magazine ads are moving consumers into a digital universe where longer-term relationships can be developed and tracked. The result is deeper connections with brands, and a greater likelihood to buy.”

About Starch: Since 2008, the Starch service has measured ads representing more than 35,000 brands in 285 major product categories, and covering 210 magazine titles.