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Two Overlooked Uses for Testimonials

By: Colleen Francis

Our team spends a lot of time working with our clients on compelling value propositions and client testimonials. There are two ways to use client testimonials which are often overlooked, that I think are some of the most powerful uses of this type of content.

Handling Objections

First, testimonials can be used to handle objections. Your team should make a list of all the top objections that you get for your product or service. Whether it’s about price, availability, your company size, or your location, get all the testimonials you can.

Go to your client with this success story. I’m sure there was a client who took a chance on you even though you were the smallest company or a client who thought you were probably too big for them but did business with you anyway. Now, when a client has objections, you can counter them by saying, “Let me tell you what our clients say.”

Enhancing Presentations

Testimonials can also be used in your presentations. Whenever you need to prove your value, you always need to have an example. For every feature and benefit you have for your product or service, you have to have a testimonial. Remember, it’s your customers saying how great you are, not just you.

If you use client success stories and testimonials in these two areas, you will out-pace your competition and accelerate sales.

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Colleen Francis is Founder and president of Engage Selling Solutions (www.EngageSelling.com).