What Do Cannabis Connoisseurs Consume?

By: Kelsey Cannabis

Cannabis connoisseurs consume quality, whether that be frosty trichome-covered buds or the newest technological advancement from their favourite accessory brands. But what constitutes quality, and what types of products are connoisseurs looking to buy?

Gone are the days that we exchange money for a random Ziplock bag of seeded-out nugs. As consumers become more educated about using and consuming cannabis, they are also becoming more educated about growing the plant and knowing what to look for in a successful harvest. And with this knowledge comes a demand for awareness about cannabinoids, terpenes, and how to decipher quality flower or complementary cannabis products such as concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more.

“We are now using our eyes to read labels or our noses to smell for abundant terpenes.”

With the introduction of using our senses to seek out quality, rather than relying on brand messages alone that can make various claims, we are now starting to use our eyes to read labels or our noses to smell for abundant terpenes. We are learning that growing cannabis is not an easy feat, but specific characteristics become identifiable trademarks of a quality crop if grown well. These characteristics include terpene-rich profiles that complement cannabinoids which vary from THC to CBG, dense seedless flower covered in crystal-like trichomes that burst with resinous oils and robust effects that are just waiting to be discovered.

After learning a base level of cannabis knowledge and applying that to the flower purchased, naturally, the cannabis connoisseur expands that expertise to the different consumption methods readily available on the market. And when it comes to concentrates and extracts, connoisseurs make no exception as their time becomes invested further in researching websites and Certificates of Analysis (COAs).

“Brands that utilize proper processing techniques create a shelf of high-end products.”

Brands that utilize proper processing techniques, which do not systematically strip all the plant’s materials and compounds, create a shelf of high-end products. THCa diamonds, live resin/rosin, shatter, sauce, etc., which offer cannabinoid-focused and terpene-forward opportunities, attract customers more than their synthetically derived counterparts.

Now, more than ever, before consuming a THC-infused beverage or relaxing with a CBD-inspired bath bomb, consumers are researching ingredient lists and extraction methods to seek out products that exclude harmful chemicals, toxins, and by-products. Brands that remain mindful of what the customer is looking for, rather than cutting costs at the expense of our health, will flourish in the long run, as the connoisseur will remain a loyal patron.

“Connoisseurs want to invest in quality that will add value to both their mind and body.”

Cannabis connoisseurs also want to invest their money in true craft, quality flower, whole-plant concentrates and extracts, and health-focused formats of the plant that will add value to both their mind and body. But connoisseurs also tend to invest their resources in accessories that will add additional value to their lifestyle and amplify their overall experience.

A cannabis accessory is technically just for the consumption of cannabis, but accessories can also serve as a luxury item that fits stylishly and seamlessly into a someone’s life. Handcrafted bongs, app-controlled stash boxes, electric dab rigs, and temperature-controlled vaping products not only become home décor but double to elevate a consumer’s experience. As technology advances and we apply it to the cannabis industry and its various product lines, we will continue to enhance this remarkable plant’s flavours, aromas, and therapeutic effects.

“The connoisseur is seeking a style of living.”

The connoisseur is no longer smoking cannabis just to get high but instead is seeking a style of living. Flavour-hunters and terp-seekers are searching for brands that offer elevation from the mundane. And having the freedom to naturally incorporate cannabis into our daily lives and buy products that represent who we are as consumers is a way to celebrate legalization, lessen stigma, and display our unique personalities within this growing industry.